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Are you currently organizing an event, yet you are under time constraints due to your hectic work schedule or other activities? Do you want to host a personal or professional function and be able to focus on either your guests, or the main reason for the event? Would you like to present enjoyable meals at your events and save yourself the stress of preparing a large amount of food for a huge crowd? Would you like to be able to provide the refreshments for your events on a limited budget? We have all the answers to your event planning concerns.

There is no need to worry about preparing a large number of food items, because food preparation is what our Food Catering Company in San Jose is happy to offer to each of our clients, for their special functions.

Our quartermasters supply an extensive selection of menus, and service packages, in order to make your current functions and gatherings successful. You and your guests will enjoy our superb menus and our outstanding service. Give us the opportunity to supply you with the refreshments you need , at a price that fits your pre-set budget for your event.

In the food service industry, our purveyors have been generally known as experts who are experienced in providing food items for all types of functions, over the years, as we have maintained the highest catering standards in the business. we all share a strong passion for perfection, by providing a special touch to each event we cater. we also present a strong dedication and commitment to making sure that the products and services we offer our clients, are of the highest quality possible. You and your guests will experience our fantastic purveyor services on the day of the event. Allow us to prepare and arrange the food items for your gathering at a price that is within your limited budget.

Within the food service industry our Food catering Company in San Jose has employed a team of quartermasters and a top notch serving staff, who are experts in the catering business, through the years, as we’ve defined the superiority of professional standards. Our commitment to each of our clients is to provide an innovative touch to their special events by sharing our passion for excellence. Our food catering company in San Jose provides you with menu selections for a variety of events, including: anniversary parties, children’s events, wedding receptions, debut celebrations, professional functions, or any other kind of special gatherings. We can provide you with refreshments that are as simple or as elaborate as you desire. We have our very own culinary experts to prepare the victuals you have selected, and we also have an outstanding wait staff, and a team of servers who will be glad to arrange and serve your foods for you on the day of your event. This is the reason our establishment is an excellent choice for serving the needs of your guests. You have several menu options to choose from at reasonable prices.

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Wedding Reception Table Setting

Wedding Reception Table Setting

Serving delicious dishes to you and your guests on the day of your event is really what our catering company in San Jose is all about. Now we have various menus to choose from that will suit the style and characteristics of your respective personal or professional event.

Below are the details of the services we offer:


Our company offers custom wedding packages for the happy couple on their special day. We now have an expansive selection of wedding packages for you to choose from, and we will be glad to help you find the one that is the right fit for your wedding reception.

Debut bashes

It’s time for you to look your best and give everyone your brightest smile on your special day. Choose from our wide arrangement of party packages and platters to celebrate your coming out party, or celebrity debut.

Your children’s Events

The birth of a child is truly one of our long awaited events. This is the most precious event in a mother’s and father’s life. As parents, we love each stage of our children’s development, from the babyish giggles, to the squeals of laughter, to the thrill of new discoveries. We even love it when we have to discipline our kids for getting into mischief. We have witnessed these special moments in our own lives; therefore, we know how to make your child’s big birthday celebration a magical and memorable day for the entire family to enjoy.

Business Events

Table Setting and Decoration Ideas

Table Setting and Decoration Ideas

During any business functions, we have the most delicious dishes, which will promote well rounded planning and creativity for your associates. The best way to begin your corporate gathering is to have a variety of nutritious and delicious dishes, so that you can become more focused on the job at hand, instead of focusing on your hunger.

Our food catering company in San Jose provides a wide range of menu options, from simple party foods, to elegant dishes to make your events as successful as humanly possible.

We also provide:

• Customized Helium Balloons
• A stereo system with Loudspeakers
• Video clips together with Pictures
• Flower arrangements
• Personalized Cakes designed for each individual event
• Procurement of our catering services

Our Catering company in San Jose understands how important it is to be precise in the preparing of foods for any special social event or executive function. Making sure that your event goes as smoothly as possible, is the goal of our establishment.

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It is our pleasure to offer you the highest quality service possible, and we will be happy to hear about your satisfaction with our service. If you are planning to host an event in the near future, you are more than welcome to contact us.

For queries or to make a reservation, be sure to call us or send us an email.

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